Hated it, Loved it…

Anew: book one Awakened Josie Litton

I hated it, then I loved it, then hated it and then loved it – or maybe I loved it first then hated it.  Not sure…

This book is a bit of a mashup of Sleeping Beauty and 50 shades in a Hunger Games or Generation X world.

So a young girl (Amelia) wakes in an amazing place in a futuristic city.  She doesn’t know who she is or why she is there.  She has no memory of herself yet she finds her host amazingly compelling – he of course has secrets and issues.

Its an incredibly inventive and interesting story.  The writing is wonderfully visual with the colours and sights of the new city Amelia finds herself in vivid and easy to imagine.  There’s also some clever weaving in of imagery and sensuality – esp the flowers.  But the writing of those was less descriptive and far harder to visualise.

The two characters are interesting but there’s a bit too much too’ing and fro’ing.  In the end you wanted to yell – get on with it!

Given what is an innovative world with a strong story line, its just a real shame that the author hasn’t developed the world a bit more.  I’m a real fan of paranormal/dystopian fiction but I prefer a more detailed and “real” world.  However, the basics are there for sure.

In that sense the next book (due March 2015) could well be a winner – with this being a bit more of a slow burn.  Definitely going to put the next book on the TBR.

If you need a fix before 50 shades comes out on Valentine’s day and you want it in an almost dystopian style futuristic novel – then download it now!

Publishers gave me a free copy in return for an honest review

Naked Satan and the Findus Crispy Pancake

Cloverhoof  Heide Goody & Iain Grant

So, if you came across Satan in your local high street – what would you expect?  Horns? Flames? Evil spewing forth? Gorgeous but clearly a real bad boy?

Nope, so wrong.

You’d be in Sutton Coldfield and he’d be naked.  On his journey he’d discover a penchant for Findus crispy pancakes, heavy metal, directing theatre, cooking unusual (!) ingredients for dinner parties and making up and disposing of dead people!

And who knew that Satan’s name was Jeremy?  Who knew indeed!

As you can tell a very unique book – definitely an acquired taste.  You do have to wonder about Heide & Iain – what were they thinking??? This book is not for anyone delicate who might snort out loud whilst reading – in fact I was banned from reading it in front of my family as I was disturbing the TV watching.  Being banned has happened a few times with tears but never with laughing.

For humour its a real winner – its let down by the fact that its not just compelling.  I guess that’s the issue – whilst Jeremy Clovenhoof and his newly acquired friends are highly amusing, you read on to laugh not because you’re desperate to know what happened.  My family love it when I can easily put a book down (afterall they seem to need feeding) but I want something I can’t put down.  Something riveting – this wasn’t that. But if you want to laugh with an easy read Jeremy Clovenhoof awaits!