Life lessons and squealing


Blood Kiss by J R Ward Black Dagger Legacy

Picture it – Saturday afternoon I’m on the sofa with my kindle, the rest of the family are relaxing, when I squeal. Loudly. ‘What’s wrong?’. How do you answer when you’re giggling and hyperventilating? Oh and shocked and excited too!

I’m 22% in to Blood Kiss. So why was I squealing? Hollywood had just made an appearance. Butch, Lassiter, V and now Rhage. And if you don’t understand my passion for a fave returning character then quite frankly you are reading the wrong books.

My reaction reflects the genius of JR Ward. Not only has created a series of amazing characters who’ve become life long crushes, she’s reinvented the series where other authors have ended up in a cold dark alley.  Yes people the Brothers are back!

So, this is apparently Paradise and Craeg’s story – shhhh don’t tell them but they’re just the backdrop to Marissa and Butch’s drama. Wow was that unexpected.  The legacy series is about going back via new recruits to those Brothers we love.  What romance author revisits the ongoing relationship with her past characters?  Most romance stories don’t lay bare the post HEA moment. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to know until I got it and then I gobbled it up.

Butch’s unravelling was tender and heartbreaking. It was proper gritty, unpleasant and fragile relationship stuff.  At the core of their issues are what all relationships thrive (or not) on – communication. What a powerful and simple reminder. Gorgeous and sexy too.

Oh and the littlest person is still laughing about Mummy squealing at her book! Another good life lesson.