Grease monkey love

Inside Track by Tracie Delaney (Full Velocity #3)

The Tracie Delaney hallmarks of crisp writing, defined characters and easy dialogue are yet again in evidence. But what stands out (and has with this whole series) is her phenomenal research and knowledge of the subject matter. The research is so good that you don’t need to know a thing about F1. This time round it’s not about racers. I thought it was brave to move away from the glamorous drivers into the world of the grease monkeys.

But what a grease monkey! I’ll hold my hand up and say that my heart (and other bits) are still with Tate (book 2). I’m not sensing that’s going to change anytime soon. But back to Devon and his story. Simply put, he is one of the most interesting characters I’ve come across recently, and his story really pulls those heart strings.

It’s fascinating to understand what this kind of scenario would do to someone. His relationship with Charlotte has so many layers and a fragile history to it. Ms Delaney certainly didn’t take the easy or obvious route. Inside Track is quite a good deal more than a normal romance. In fact the romance and the F1 setting are just added bonuses.

Talking of settings Ms Delaney nails the globe trotting nature of F1 with wonderful descriptive text. She’ll have you dreaming of destinations, so make sure your passport is up to date! Young Greta will not be pleased.

As for Reilley, she’s super smart, successful and has an energy about her. She is such a likeable heroine and a great match for our grease monkey.

Batmen, heroes and the underdog

The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart

Oh my…

We shouldn’t fit, but we do, and our fit is nothing short of spectacular. There’s no wool in the world thick enough to make me blind to that.

Yep, spectacular. Written with real class and a decent dose of realness.

Ms Stewart serves up a double masterclass. She completely nails the slow burn. And if you love a friends to lovers story, this is so far above the rest that you’ll immediately reread!

It is a true slow burn, I started to wonder if anything was going to happen and then I found I couldn’t put it down. Theo and Laney surprised and totally delighted me.

What a complete read. It was warm, charming, sweet and harsh all at once. Theo/Teddy will resonate a little everyone, even though you know he got it wrong, you can’t help but be sympathetic. Team Theo t-shirts on order!

And Laney killed it. I adored the way she went after her realest life – she really is a role model. Superb.

“I’m done with batman”

Lainey’s description of her Batman superhero boyfriends cracked me up! It was genius. If you or your bestie has a problem with commitment phobes you gotta read the Batman reference at least. You will see the light! Classic!

I guess the truth is we all want the underdog to win, but we don’t really expect it. We also define what a hero is like based on some pretty narrow parameters. Theo seems to be the underdog, not the obvious choice for a romantic hero. But in reality, he’s clearly the hero, it’s just he and we don’t quite realise it, not at first anyway. Thank goodness for Laney.

Ms Stewart is a wonderful writer and she’s on top form here. Totally recommend this one.