Beautiful, dull, slow

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats Jan-Philipp Sendker

Imagine this – you’re in a bar.  A guy walks in, from the rear you can see he fills his Levi’s very nicely.  He’s at the bar ordering, you go over to have a better look.  Classically handsome, strong jaw, glossy hair, sparkling eyes and clean white t-shirt most likely covering a decent six pack.  He has a thick paperback with him (so you know he’s intelligent right?).  He’s a beautiful man, oozing class and elegance.  You smile, he smiles back – nice smile and he even looks like he appreciates you. Can’t get much better right?!

And then you hear laughter, real laughter bit too loud.  You look over and there’s a guy laughing at something his mate said.   His hair’s a little tousled, its probably hat hair but maybe he just got out of bed – mid morning?  His eyes are just that little crinkled as he laughs and he’s totally focussed on what his mate’s saying.  When he talks he waves his hands around making a point, that is when he’s not attacking his food with relish.  Whilst he is good looking and his bright polo shirt is definitely hiding some nice muscle definition, its his enthusiasm, joy and connection to his friend that hits you.

If you want to go home with the first guy this book is for you.  Beautifully, beautifully crafted but at a snail’s pace and with so little real substance.

I’m off to get the laughing man’s number….

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