Gorgeously brutal

Heart’s Insanity by Ellie Masters

This is a brutal read, it will hurt in more than one place.  But it’s truly gorgeous. Gorgeously brutal. I loved it.

His endless optimism crashes into her awful reality.  Watching from the sidelines as he slowly wins her around made me happy.  I could feel myself cheering him on. I wanted to step in and hold her hand maybe even push her a little. But he got the timing just right. What a perfectly lovely hero he is.

I told you, I’m in this for the bigger prize.  That means all of you, not just pieces of you.”

When I first read this, I loved it. What a hero he wants all of her!  It’s like John Legend telling Chrissy Teigen he wants her curves and edges. Or when Billy Joel told Christy Brinkley that now he needed the rest of her.  The struggle here is that Skye knows how damaged she is, Ash might be a hard core rocker but he is clueless.  Billy and John are talking about pieces of a whole person, Ash doesn’t know it but Skye is in pieces.  Her pain is unbearably sad. And yet her fight and strength warmed my heart.  Even now I want to cry.

I wondered had he understood the scale of the challenge would he have pursued Skye? I think so, as not only is Ash lovely but he’s gritty and unorthodox.  And he has an ego!  But he is there for the long haul.  For me perhaps the only negative was the epilogue came to soon for me. But that’s my perspective, maybe her reality was different.

As for Forrest – good god!  What a juicy character he is!

This is a beautifully written complex and engaging story with two characters that I truly loved.


Thank you netgalley for providing me an arc in return for my honest review.


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