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The Fine Art of Deception: Undoing Time Alyssa Richards

Like, love, hate and then finally annoyance.  That’s was my relationship with this book.  Maybe tomorrow I will appreciate what Ms Richards was trying to do here – but today?  No way!

I found I was immersed in a world I knew nothing about – the art world.  Forgeries, art history, grand theft and master pieces.  If you like art history this will be a good read for you.

The two lead characters took a little time to warm up to (and too much looking backwards for her).  But once the story got going the book took on a great pace and turned into an unexpected thriller.  I just loved it.  There were so many interesting and developing strands to the story and it was hard to see where they would end up.  Likewise with the characters: Otto had to be all bad, right? And Ellen – what was going on with her? Was Alexa about to be kidnapped for Addie’s co-operation?  Not to mention the smouldering bodyguard (oooh!).

It was all going on and I could barely put the book down.  I’m a total scaredy cat but I suffered to know what was going to happen.

And then it happened – absolutely nothing.

That’s right, it just finished.  Nothing is resolved.

Clearly, the author is setting it up for a series.  But how cynical to treat your readers like that  -” if you want to know what happens buy my next book”.

Don’t get me wrong I love a series – especially a romantic one.  The likes of Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole, Sylvia Day and Lindsay Pryor have mastered the art of finishing a story but leaving the intrigue for the series going.

The Art of Deception is a debut novel, so for that reason I’m going to assume Alyssa Richards just didn’t realise her potential to annoy the reader.  Shame as it had so much going for it, the writing is easy and fun, the concept is innovative and its easy to connect to the characters.

So Alyssa at least let us know when this damn next book is out!!

Thank you netgalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review!

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