Bleeding, pounding, glowing

Method by Kate Stewart

I’m used to issuing warnings to have a box of Kleenex close to hand. But for this one you’ll also need a cardiologist. Seriously, this book made my heart bleed. And pound. And glow. And squeeze.

Forget Jekyll and Hyde, Lucas is the quintessential villain and hero. And what a divine hero he is.

This is the story of true unconditional love and how disturbing that can be. It makes you realise why people go to such lengths to harden their hearts against such love. Some people are made for an each other, but there’s nothing simple about it.

This isn’t just about romantic love. At the heart of it is the bond between two men, it’s such a pure but tainted love. Again that heart of mine pounded, squeezed and glowed.

It was all encompassing and weirdly life affirming. I might not describe the writing as beautiful, it was messy, complex and draining. Ms Stewart has outdone herself. I would love to know how she wrote such a story.

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