Cruel, very very cruel

The Night Circus Erin Morgentstern

The night circus arrives and then vanishes – there is no announcement and only at night is there life in the circus.

I doubt I will live to be 100 but if I do I will always regret that the night circus is a work of fiction – how dare anyone create such a gorgeous magical world with no hope of it being real.  Cruel very cruel.

Not only do I wish I’d written this but I wish I had the skill and vision to imagine it.

The joy of this book is the lack of expectation and the sheer magic and mystery of the story. For that reason I won’t say anything about the story. Suffice to say that if you need to categorise it by genre before you read it – then its not really going to be for you.  In fact you won’t know what this book is about for some time. What a wonderful experience – sparking prose couple with an unexpected story.

If the circus was real I doubt I would ever leave.  And it would breathe life into the rather jaded cliché of running away to join the circus – this one would have a queue.

Please someone make the circus real for me.  I guess the next best is that someone will make a film – and therein lies a huge conundrum.  Done well this would be a film that amazed and dazzled one that you could and would see over and over.

But the fear is that Hollywood will do it.  This book is a work of art – far too precious for some Hollywood numpty to get anywhere near it.

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