A cover for strangeness?

Popsugar’s challenge set one that I just didn’t get “a book based entirely on its cover”.  How on earth can a book be based on its cover?

Then I found the Miniaturist and ticked off that particular reading challenge.  Great cover, really reflecting the story and I thought no more of it.

Until this morning when I woke up to Nalini Singh’s new cover for Archangel’s Enigma.

OMG!  Finally I get the relationship between what’s inside the cover and the cover itself.  With archangels, regular angels, vampires, guild hunters and regular humans Naasir stands apart as “strange”, yet one of the Seven.  Naasir wants a playmate, that much we know (and love).

How does an artist capture all on a book cover?  Seriously impressed.

She might always deliver but Ms Singh never does quite what fans expect/want.  My own views seemed to be in tune with other fans – it was Illium’s turn.  Although I will admit to falling a smidgen for Naasir in Archangel’s Legion, it was Illium I needed (and wanted but that’s another story – in more ways that one!).

Well, move over Illium – you’ve been usurped big time!  And boy am on board!  Bring it on!

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