did the best book win?!

Congrats to Lindsay J Pryor – not only is her Blackthorn series absolutely amazing but finally she’s getting the recognition she deserves.   Best paranormal romance at Moonrise blog’s readers choice award!  Its incredible to think this is her first win for any of the (so far) four Blackthorn books – odd, very very odd.

However, despite being a dedicated and absolute fan – I disagree with the verdict.

Blood Torn was the winner against the fourth Blackthorn book – Blood Deep.  No competition Blood Deep is the better book and Eden the best of the heroes.  Caleb is just darn fine!  Jask and Kane – well you wouldn’t kick them out of bed for pretty much anything?!  But Eden is the best.

Clearly, Blood Deep being released late in the year must have swung it.  And it just goes to show what a cracker of a series this is that two of Lindsay’s books were in the final and one was the winner.  Amazing stuff!

Well done Lindsay – bring on the next book….



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