If it ain’t broke….

Say My Name – J. Kenner Stark International Book 1

Damian and Nikki move over, LA has a new power couple – Jackson & Sylvia.

Julie Kenner found herself a legion of fans with her first Stark series.  She’s clearly a lady who knows what her fans like.  This first book in a revisited Stark series is an absolute must for lovers of the original series.

There’s enough differences and original story to keep fans happy.  Jackson isn’t facing the same demons that Damian did.  Yet, as you’d expect he’s a strong, dominant, passionate and controlling personality.  Sylvia’s demons dominate the story.  Her career drive is the crux of this book in a departure from the original Stark stories.  Sylvia and Jackson have real passion and belief in their careers, which is compelling and quite different from the way Nikki & Damian’s story unfolded.

That though is where the differences end. If you’re hoping Ms Kenner will deviate from her tried & tested formula you’ll be disappointed.  The romance and  sexual connection will remind readers of Damian and Nikki.  But given how loved her first Stark series was – why would she deviate?

A new book series like this does make you wonder – should authors revisit their material knowing its a winning formula? Or is it baby and bath time?  Should readers expect them to stick to their genre?  Afterall, we all know how disappointed readers can be when a popular author chooses to explore a new genre.

I’m kind of torn – all I can say is that Julie Kenner kept me entertained and awake for a few hours on a home flight home.  And that makes me a happy girl!

thank you to netgalley for a free copy in return for an honest review

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