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The Seven Series Dannika Dark (5 books & counting..)

Having just finished the latest in Dannika Dark’s paranormal Seven series – Three Hours – I’m pondering the nature of time in the old adage of falling in love .

Like most romance fans I adore the falling in love story, trying to work out when they both fell and not just how.  Ms Dark’s stories deal with her heroes connecting but more often than not reconnecting, with time as her backdrop.  Focussing on the time element gives her stories more intimacy; that her heroes are largely immortal adds another dimension – afterall what do immortals care about time?!

I wonder if her couples are fated to complete their journeys – so that the time dimension is just the road they take?  Or is Ms Dark using the notion of time to show her readers the moment/s her heroes fall in love giving her stories added grit? I tend to think its both depending on the story.

With Lexi and Austin (Seven Years #1) it feels that the tragedy they shared would always draw them back – it haunted the seven years they were apart.  At first glance Izzy and Jericho’s story (Five Weeks #3) would seem to be the same.  Having been apart for so long I expected a story in their past, yet its told far more in the present – the stars aligned and at that moment and only that moment they were fated to be together.

Interestingly, April and Reno’s story (Six Months #2) though totally in the present, is the one that’s more about the future.  He’s immortal, she’s not.  Their different futures haunt their connection.

Where so many romances are dominated by the instant connection – love at first sight – the power in this series is exploring the time between the connections.  In the latest book Wheeler and Naya (Three Hours #5) had a much earlier troubled meeting in another book.  Yet, its the power of three dreadful hours that have them trusting each other and revealing their hearts.

Keeping the focus on connecting and reconnecting Lorenzo’s book (Four Days #4) reconnects readers with her original couple in the Mageri series, showing what an imaginative world she’s created and allowing the interconnections between the different elements.

If I follow the logic, there’s books titled Two Minutes and One Second to go – can’t wait.

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