I’m a winner!

Author Eleanor Prescott chose my response as the winner of her online competition asking “who’s your favourite romantic hero?”

Its kind of an easy one for me – Matthew in the All Souls trilogy.  Here’s what I told Eleanor:
1. he’s not just smart but super super smart – and I love intelligent men.
2. he knew Shakespeare & Queen Elizabeth just as starters – can you imagine the pillow talk?
3. he just likes to eat nuts and raw meat – as I can’t cook, seriously perfect!
4. he was madly in love with his first wife – you gotta love a man that knows how to love
5. he loves his mother but he doesn’t let her run the show
6. he’s super protective.
7. he has lovely manners.
8. he drinks expensive wine and lots of it (again perfect for me)
9. he builds buildings and I love architecture and old buildings (did I mention perfect?)
10. he does yoga (seriously perfect!)
And best of all he’s a gorgeous vampire and I love a vampire!

I now have two of Eleanor’s fab books – Alice Brown’s Lessons in the Curious Art of Dating and Could it be I’m Falling in Love?  And paperbacks – haven’t read a “proper” book in ages!

2 thoughts on “I’m a winner!

  1. How are you enjoying your “proper” book experience? I keep poking the bottom corner of the page to turn pages and double tapping words for dictionary meanings… And the book seems HUUUUUUGE!! Xx

  2. well, is it bad to admit that I’m too scared to read a paper book? Not a proper book obviously as those are on my kindle!
    All I’m thinking of is my handbag. I hadn’t even thought of the dictionary…

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