Want to be a winner?

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Dominated by a triumvirate of three competing races – psy, changeling and human, Nalini Singh has created pretty much the perfect fictional universe.

Unusually for me this was a re-read.  Given how full Amazon’s shelves are I’m not much of a re-reader.  What’s the point when I know what will happen?  However, with the 14th book in the series out June 4th and a new cover reveal there’s a bit of buzz about it and I’ve been swept along.

In actual fact I didn’t re-read it, I savoured it.  This time there was no rush to the end to see what happened.  Ooh what a delight!

Two things struck me this time round.

The concept of sensation.  Like the rest of her race psy Sascha Duncan has been programmed to shun all emotion.  An emotionless state isn’t totally unique, but the psy live in an airtight vacuum.

When I first met the psy I thought they couldn’t feel but I needed to expand my understanding of feeling – its also touch, smell, taste.  Sascha’s world isn’t just devoid of emotion but anything that might appeal to the senses.

Think about it – no silk dresses, no freshly laundered sheets, no sand between toes, no sloppy kisses, no hazelnut lattes, no chocolate, no smell of home.  Certainly, no gorgeous male like Lucas Hunter to inflame all your senses!

But the real shocker was Ms Singh’s genius.  In this first story she put out the tentacles of a story still coming together fourteen books later.  Its an intricate universe, carefully balanced and wonderfully crafted.  Now, I know where she takes the story I am in awe.

If you want a HEA romance with passion, you’ll enjoy it.  But if you want romance plus – something that takes you to another world and lays down the possibility of so much more you’ll love it!

First time round I gave it a solid 5 stars, this time round I’m annoyed there isn’t a 5 star plus.

Want to see what all the fuss is about?  To celebrate the new cover for Slave to Sensation and introduce new readers to this fab series ahead of her 14th book, Nalini is offering the chance to win the first 5 books in the psy/changeling series.  Its open to readers everywhere – so no excuses for not entering!


And here’s the new cover – I liked the old rather intense paperback image better but maybe this one captures Lucas a lot more?


4 thoughts on “Want to be a winner?

  1. love the series I have all the books but I will buy slave again as I love the new cover. I will have to buy from The Book Depository though as the books sold in the UK have really BORING covers.

    • Jackie – yes I too love the whole series. Isn’t it funny – I prefer the UK/International covers than the American ones. Just taste I guess.
      thanks for responding to the blog

  2. I’ve reread the book multiple times and get drawn in every single time. I love Sascha & Lucas and this was a great introduction to the Psy/Changeling world. I agree 100% about NS’s intricate world-building. Looking forward to Shards of Hope in 9 days.

    • Can’t wait for Shards of Hope – if its as good as Vasic & Ivy’s book it will be a corker!! The International edition isn’t out until Thursday 4th – still 7 days…
      Thanks for responding to the blog

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