Jamie’s gotta go

Grey E L James

I’m in a book funk – have been for weeks.  I still am.

Yes, its slightly annoying that it rehashes every conversation, email and text that Christian and Anastasia exchanged.  Yes, on a positive side you do get a better glimpse into Christian’s psyche.

I’m a fan of the film but its the film that totally ruined it for me.

I read it intending to channel Charlie Hunnam but all I could see was Jamie Dornan.  Yep, he’s a very good looking boy, nice physique and he’s accent is ok.  But the more Christian’s “fucked up ness” revealed itself, the more he isn’t Jamie.  It’s not just the intensity.  There’s something innately childlike about Christian – he’s both 4 and 27 at the same time.  He’s petulant and sophisticated at the same time.  He might be controlling but he’s equally well managed – interestingly he surrounds himself with people to do just that.

His food issues were actually quite humbling (which I did not expect).  Jamie would accept Lelliot’s offers of a beer (he’s a lad afterall), Christian can’t understand the offer nor the impact of saying “busy” constantly.  And its interacting with his family and Kate that Christian becomes more real than in the original trilogy.

Would I recommend this book?  If you’re a fan who’s curious about Christian – you’ll get something out of it and its a simple enjoyable enough read.  The Inner Goddess has gone – thank god!  And it doesn’t feel like the money spinner it no doubt is, it reads like Ms James wants to share Christian more with her fans.  But its not a must read, and if you’re fixated on who the better Christian would be then I wouldn’t recommend it.

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