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A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother  Christie Barlow

Snorting – well there seem to be a variety of definitions for snorting and there’s also a number of things one can snort.  It’s open source networks, drug taking and even sipping a whiskey.  None of which define what I did whilst reading this quite honestly mad book.  Yep, I snorted and more than once.  But it seems I need to define snorting?  Its when you publicly hold a laugh in until it escapes and you make a dreadful sound.  Better to have laughed hysterically, in hindsight.

The heroine is a pain – truly does the woman know the meaning of no?   And could she ever say it?!  Even when swinging (and not on the playground swings) is on offer she can’t manage those two letters!   Urgh!

As a rule if the heroine isn’t that likeable usually the book’s a dud – not so here.  I return to the issue of snorting – frequently and in public!  Oh dear!

Being a mother with a few playground antics of my own, I thought I’d be identifying my own playground mums.  I’m kind of relived I wasn’t.  The overall theme is one that any mother will identify with, especially at Rachel’s first school, but the characters later on are more unique (read mad, again snorting).

My main advice ladies is give this to the dads.  Mine has remained oblivious to the school yard mothers, if only I could get him to read this he may actually listen? One lives in hope.

Places not to read this book – on the tube (definitely), by the pool (well, I guess if you don’t know anyone its okay) and in your garden when the neighbours are entertaining (yeah, that one’s a no no!).  So, if you can find the spot to read a ridiculous book and snort without issue then go and download it!

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