Fabulous History

The Incidental Spy Libby Fischer Hellman

For me historical fiction only has relevance if I know enough about the time period.  My two favourites are Tudor England and the atomic era during WWII.  Actually saying they are my favourites is a misnomer – the only other period I know anything about is Victorian England!  Perhaps, its my preference for romance but I’ve yet to read a story about the American atomic era, so this was my first!

Ms Hellman’s love of history and thirst for knowledge shines through.  Its a fabulously researched and beautifully told story.  I loved how she totally captured the mood of the populace and the scientific community.  Yes, its a fictional account but if you want to know how this hugely significant historical event felt to the average people living it read this book!

On the surface its hard to understand how the McCarthy era witch hunts came to pass, yet the way Ms Hellman portrays the paranoia, intrigue and political confusion of the time you can see the door that McCarthy pushed open.  Fascinating.

I thought the overall story and characterisation was good.  I liked Lena although I found the storyline with her son a little simplistic.  Its a fast paced thriller and I didn’t see the ending coming!

Its a short story, I would probably have liked a bit more!

Thank you to TBC on FB for a copy in return for an honest review.

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