Absolutely satisfied

Under my Skin (Stark International #3) J. Kenner out Aug 25th

Well, all I can say is that the Jackson & Sylvia’s ending is everything fans will want (and probably a tad more!).  Whilst, I enjoyed the last book it had a cliff hanger ending and I’m all about the resolution!  No cliff hangers here!

Ms Kenner was brave to revisit the Stark scenario – it was such a triumph that she must have worried that fans would be disappointed (or maybe she’s lucky enough to enjoy that supreme level of confidence we’d all like to have!).  But Sylvia and Jackson have proved to be totally worthy of this revisit.  As a series its been fun, sexy, a little crazy and totally addictive.

I thought that Damian would be hard to compete with – in my view Jackson has no problem, whatsoever.  In fact, I’m #TeamJackson all the way.  He’s all the things that Damian is – successful, hot, demanding, tormented, gorgeous, controlling but unlike Damian he’s creative and he isn’t all about the money.  He’s passionate about creating something permanent and beautiful and that just speaks to my soul.  Oh and he’s a little unpredictable and I like that!

To be honest I’m less than keen on this publishing wave of romance trilogies with cliff hangers along the way but I can see that fans get stories much quicker than otherwise and there’s loads for an author to build on as they go along.  I doubt I’ll ever be totally converted and if I had a little patience I would wait until all three were out to read but where’s the damn fun in that?

thanks to netgalley for an ARC in return for an honest review


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