What is Naasir?

Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh (release date 3rd September)

My current fixation is “what is Naasir?”.  Now, if you don’t know who Naasir I am so envious.  It means you’ve not read Nalini Singh’s amazing Guild Hunter series – what a lucky lucky person you are.  So, stop reading this and go get clued up.  Seriously!

Back to my obsession…

Did Ms Singh give a big clue in the cover (check out that gorgeousness below!).  I want to say yes as we seem to have claw marks on it, but as fans of Shards of Hope (her latest psy changeling book) know the pic of Aden did not portray a gorgeous Asiatic man but a European one (still gorg tho’!).  Clearly we can’t trust a cover.

So, is he the tiger creature Elena speculates?  And if so how? Raphael commented that Angels may have experimented using animals to release toxins.  We all know that Neha made Venom something very other.  Is Naasir the big cat version of Venom?  And would it make him a changeling?  I’m not convinced he’s a changeling, afterall there’s no evidence that Venom is.  I can’t see Nalini going the changeling route.

Now we know that Honor is the reincarnation of Dmitri’s first wife – could Naasir be Dmitri’s son Micha?  Given the way the two are drawn to each other this is a possibility.  But for me its like the changeling idea, too convenient for Nalini, this is one author who never takes the obvious or easy route!

Could he be vampire born?  Or a mix of vampire and angel DNA?  We know vampires and angels can have children but not with each other.  What if there was an exception in some way?  Naasir is unique that’s for sure!

I wonder if Naasir is the vampire equivalent of Mowgli.  Against the very laws of Angeldom someone made a vampire child who grew up amongst animals notably tigers.  India features heavily in this series, so it would make sense to me that he’d be amongst tigers rather than lions (Titus might disagree).   So, why the stripes on his skin?  Was he forced to feed from his tiger “mum”?

I loved Mowgli as a kid and as a grown up I love Naasir, so the thought of my two book crushes coming together all these years later seems perfect to me.

Why am I fixated on Naasir?  I love the combo of childlike wonder and a deviousness that had an angel at his erotic mercy.  Not forgetting that he can buy a gift and play a prank.  He’s my kind of unknown.

What is going on with the release date?   Nalini is a Kiwi, yet her book is released in the US on the 1st and the rest of us have to wait until the 3rd.  Seriously?!  Oh well, gives me another 48 hours to fine tune my Naasir obsession.  Bring it on!


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