Something about Mary

The Dangerous love of a Rogue Jane Lark

Drew Framlington tells the object of his love that she has the power to make their two halves a whole.  He doesn’t yet realise the challenge she faces in overcoming the objections of her family.  Mary has plenty of steel in her spine but is it enough?

This is a romance that is less about the chase and more about what happens once caught.

The challenges Mary and Drew face would be just as home in today’s world as the Regency ton.  She has a huge boisterous fiercely loyal family – they don’t think he’s good enough, how does he deal with his inlaws?  How does he feel loved when her family are the centre of her world?  Can they create something together?  Who should have your loyalty – your family? your spouse? your friends?

How does a young man who dreams of more make his way with no one to advise and look out for him?  If you don’t have money and someone else does – is it love or gold digging?

Although this is a very romantic story, it takes quite some time to fall for Drew – he’s very hard to like.  You have to stick with him.

The writing does drag being 50+ pages too long.  But as Hollywood said there’s something about Mary – you can’t help hoping for a good outcome.

One of the challenges in this book is that there are many characters all with titles and related to each other – had I know this was part of the Marlow Intrigues I probably wouldn’t have started with this story but the first in the series.

Netgalley gave me a copy in return for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Something about Mary

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read the story and post a review, and I’m thrilled you mention the modern day parallel, I love that you picked that up as it’s written with a New Adult leaning,so it’s nice that you spotted it 😉

    Best wishes,


    • Jane its a great series – I’ve finished them all except for the Lost Love of the Soldier – so once I read that one I will post about the whole series. I used good reads to review them all. Thanks again for writing such great romances – well done. And thanks for your comments, it means the world to have an author reply to a blog. Thankyou

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