Always possible


Rooftoppers Katherine Rundell

“It was what her mother had always been. A place to put down her heart. A resting stop to recover her breath. A set of stars and maps.”

Given its British Mother’s Day, I thought this book was a perfect recommendation.  And I adore a book that’s so quotable.

It’s the story of Sophie who may or may not be an orphan. Her journey commences in a cello case in the English Channel and continues in a most unorthodox fashion – especially for the time.

As Sophie journeys to find the mother she has never met and who probably doesn’t think Sophie survived, we meet a cast of quirky and occasionally eccentric characters. We travel with Sophie and the adorable Charles from London to Paris.  And then the adventure begins over the Parisian rooftops, ingrained with a truly beautiful soundtrack.

A gloriously uplifting and enchanting book, it’s a novel but with a poetic tempo.

This is a children’s book, yet it has a universal message. ‘Never ignore a possible’ says Sophie’s guardian Charles.  It’s just the most endearing and optimistic message, and I love how beautifully open to interpretation it is. Everyone will see “a possible” as something different. Well it doesn’t matter, if it’s possible for you don’t ignore it!

In a time when an overpaid, over exposed and horrendously in debt musician feels it’s okay to tell the world he never reads, Ms Rundell sums it up for me “books crowbar the world open for you.”  If only Mr Kardashian West had realised that, he might not be looking for his lost $50million!


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