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A Thousand Small Explosions John Marrs out July 15th

Emotive, imaginative and with a heathy dose of morality, that pretty much sums up the premise of John Marrs’ third book.  Add in Mr Marrs’ trademark ability to turn multiple characters and storylines into a gripping tale and you have an absolutely brilliant book.

Clearly, the author is a fan of the slow burn. He lets the characters seep into your consciousness and before you know it, you’re lost to a can’t put it down book!  And I do mean can’t put it down!

So, the question is if you could take a simple DNA test to find your perfect match, your true soul mate, would you?  If you were happily married would you take the risk?  Once you take the test are you forever sitting and waiting for your DNA match? What if you’ve no interest in taking the test, are you robbing someone of their match?  What if yours is a same sex match, are you gay and not aware? Oh, the permeations are endless.

Yes, there’s a bit of a sci-fi dystopian feel, but it’s the powerful exploration of human nature that makes this book. Who knew that a DNA matched pair would have such social cache?  Equally, how can social prejudice exist if your match is just as likely to be a black man when you expected a white woman? Interesting isn’t it?

I loved how the author combined the minutiae of the human drama with the big story that hurtles towards you at light speed.  The combination of light and dark, soft and harsh had me gasping.

The only downside of this book is that for whatever reason John Marrs remains an independent author, so you’ll only hear about it via word of mouth or social media. So, if you’re now a fan it’s down to you to spread the message!


Thank you to the author and TBConFB (probably the world’s best book club) for an ARC, in return for an honest review.

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