The brutal Milky Way


Blood Bound by Lindsay J Pryor (Blackthorn #7)

I want to say I enjoyed reading this latest instalment in Ms Pryor’s sharply written Blackthorn series. But I’m not actually sure enjoyed is the word.

It didn’t feel like reading, it was more like watching from the sidelines.  And it was unbearable. I fought it. I put my kindle down, I uploaded another book. Yet, the angry furious tears leaked out in a Tesco car park and I became a social pariah at a kid’s party choosing my kindle over champers with the other mothers. (How will my street cred ever recover?!).

So why did I keep reading?  It wasn’t easy, Blood Bound is a brutal story, made even tougher for me because Eden is my fave Blackthorn character.  I was a wreck, veering from despair at Eden’s situation and absolute joy at Jessie’s unconditional love for him. Yep, my emotions took a hammering all whilst reading through scrunched up eyes!

It is a truly brutal read, but it grabs your soul and doesn’t let go. It gave me one hell of a good shake.

The last book (Blood Instinct) blew me away with its relentless pace and kick in the teeth shockers. Blood Bound has a painstakingly rhythm of hellish detail.  I was begging for it to go faster, to skip bits.  But no.  Put me through the wringer, stick me on a roller coaster and throw me bungee style off a canyon.  This book had it all. I wasn’t coming back. For the first time ever I couldn’t take anymore. But the author knew that and threw in a cracker of a line.  Finally I could smile and relax. Then wham she got me with the ending. Lindsay J Pryor totally knows what she’s doing. Wow!

This is para normal romance without rules.  In fact, its completely lawless phenomenal story telling.

And it isn’t five stars it’s the damn Milky Way.


Thank you to the publisher for an ARC in return for an honest review

8 thoughts on “The brutal Milky Way

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  2. Wow….your review of Blood Bound was brilliant, Big Little Sister! I completely share those feels that you so eloquently expressed and am hanging on that bungee, dangling over that canyon, with you. I don’t know how Lindsay J. Pryor does it every time…but she does….and I am gleeful to go on that ride with her every..single..time. <3

    • Thanks for the lovely comments.
      Lindsay J Pryor is a complete killer, the way she writes is beyond brilliant. And the endings….

      Took me days to recover!

    • Well Lindsay creates such amazing characters, it’s a bit like getting an insight into the lives if real people. Thanks for the positive comments

  3. WOW loved your review Michelle,i know how you felt as this book was punishing,Lindsay is not frightened about taking us to the edge and back in her books.Cant wait for the last installment.

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