Challenging the formula

Alone (Serenity No 1) Marissa Farrar

Paranormal romantic heroines frequently have some kind of violent/difficult background – often alluded to in comments about step or foster fathers.  But generally its referred to in the past tense and when they were younger.  This usually shows how they overcame and developed their spiky nature etc.

Given that most PNR books follow the successful formula (which truth be told I don’t mind at all!), having your heroine be the victim of domestic violence is a brave move.  Even more so when its so well described and the “heroine” actually has no intention of leaving even when the opportunity is laid out for her.

This is Marissa Farrar’s starting point for her Serenity series.  Serenity isn’t the most likeable character to start with, but she does grow on you.  As for Sebastian he has the usual vampire traits: gorgeous, physically imposing, lethal, sexy, rich, tragic blah blah.  So, in vampire terms very easy to like, in fact his moral approach may send him sky rocketing in my vampire stakes (get it?!).   Sebastian might just be my new vampire crush – yum!

I don’t want to ruin the ending but there’s more to it than you might expect.

As a break from the standard PNR fare I really enjoyed this. It’s challenging and surprising – nothing about Serenity is easy.  Perhaps it was a bit short, and the kick off with Serenity and her home situation was a bit detailed.  But I’ve already downloaded books 2 and 3 (right now you can get them as a set from Amazon UK for kindle at 99p for all three books – seriously!).

Now once this month’s bookclub read is done, I’ve got my next two choices lined up, thank you Marissa!

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