Tissues and brain cells needed


A Mother’s Confession by Kelly Rimmer (out 28th October)

Ms Rimmer’s latest is a gentle heartbreaking story.

It’s almost like holding the hand of a dying relative, each second is precious on the slow crawl to the end. And when it happens it’s almost anti-climatic. But then your first deep breath and the wave of emotion hits you, it rolls through you. There’s a real sense of your own sadness and loss.

The author takes ordinary people, the sort you see everyday and gives you a glimpse of them behind closed doors. Their ordinariness makes it that bit more personal, you’re a bit more invested, so it’s even more difficult to see it all unravel.

The other consequence of having such ordinary people is that you can unpick their decisions, you can ask yourself what was the key moment that led us here? ¬†Was it Ivy’s disregard for the Jennifer situation? Or was it Christmas Day at her parents? ¬†There are so many pivotal moments and it turns the reader into an amateur psycho-therapist.

Brain power and tissues are absolutely required.

With wonderful characterisation, a mastery of different characters and time perspectives and a gripping story told with unique gentleness this book has a place on my top 2016 reads (joining her last book When I Lost You there!).


Thank you to netgalleyand bookouture for giving me an ARC in return for an honest review.

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