No not Chesney…

Could it be I’m falling in love? Eleanor Prescott

I do hate to tell an author she is wrong, after all she wrote the book, but she is.  End of!

As I imagined former popstar Woody up ladders cleaning windows all I could hear was “wake me up …”.  Clearly Woody’s character was based on the divine Andrew Ridgeley.  As he continued to clean windows, jog around the village and be charming to everyone he became even more Andrew.  I joined Roxy in both love and lust – just what I wanted.

All was going well, until I joined an online chat where author Eleanor Prescott explained that the book was inspired by a drunken encounter she’d had at a wedding with Chesney Hawkes (she being the drunk one not Chesney).   It bought back memories of unwrapping birthday presents and getting a generic doll when you wanted a Barbie.  Oh dear….

I wanted to dismiss this revelation as a simple mistake but that got harder as I read on.

Eleanor Prescott is London’s very own Marian Keyes – sparkling, mad characters who develop in unexpected ways and who slowly layer by layer become someone else.  Can I imagine Marian aka Eleanor bopping away and embarrassing Chesney – yes.  Wham’s Andrew – no.  She’d have been starstruck like the rest of us, surely?

So, to enjoy the remainder of the book I decided that she was simply wrong – Woody is Andrew Ridgely and that’s that.

What I loved about this book, was the ability to dip and dip out.  Sometimes you need a book that totally absorbs you and the family have to forage for food for themselves.  Sometimes you know that a book is to enjoy whilst you do have a life.  So, this is fun, zany book is for those times when you have a life and you want to be entertained.   Chic lit at its finest – if perhaps a little too long.  Of course, you can see the ending come a mile away – people that’s the whole point!  Enjoy the ride.

Oh and Eleanor if your next book is about a gorgeous former footballer – remember its David Beckham that I want not Wayne Rooney!  Thank you.

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