I’m a novice blogger (in fact new to social media).  I’ve created this blog to track my reading and other stuff I do and like – primarily travel, theatre and live events.

I’m a shoe and chocaholic and I read about 3 books a week.  I love colour and surprises.

And I’ve found setting up this blog the biggest tech challenge I’ve ever had… (doesn’t bode well)

Once I get the hang of this I’ll update more or maybe I’ll decide its too much hassle.  Now, I’m off to work out how to load up images and websites and anything else I can manage to do.


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  1. Hi!
    Do you review books that are self published and are you currently open to submissions? The genre would be crime fiction. Thank you!

    • Hi Kayla I do read and review self published books all the time. In fact I probably wouldn’t know the difference. Really happy to consider it but I also personally know many other bloggers who are crime fiction junkies so might be better. Let me know how to contact you

    • Kayla sorry I never replied to you. I don’t read crime fiction that much really but I can find you some bloggers who do you if you like? Thank you

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