Family ties and so much more

Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh

Politics, drama, romance and unforgettable quotes – Ms Singh is in the form of her life!

“You’ve made me a better man”.  How many times has the romantic hero yearned to a better person for his love?  Kaleb being a prime example.  I loved this twist, for once its the girl who wants and needs to be a better person.  It was beyond touching as she dares to be more than she thinks she can be.

Zaira the pied piper with a pony t-shirt – who saw that coming?!  Yeah!

Yet, what resonated for me was the insight into family.  Aden sets himself the task of creating a family for the Arrows, drawing on two role models – an old and a new character.  Its a pretty easy stretch to compare this new family with those of the changeling packs.  But I think Ms Singh is saying so much more.

She’s asking what do you do about renegade family members?  Can the bonds of family loyalty stretch to include others?  What should you sacrifice for your child?  Aden’s view of a renegade family member is extraordinary and will have rung true with anyone who’s suffered from the terrible actions of a family member.  You can love and accept someone who stands for all you abhor.  How hard is that?   Whilst Nikita didn’t give Sasha the kind of relationship she wanted from her mother it was what she needed.  And that was no doubt painful for both.

As for Aden’s own parents – their ambition for him was worse than any stage parent I’ve ever come across, yet they set in motion so much of the good that is now happening.  I loved that Aden, wasn’t conflicted by them – they didn’t define him or his story.  That would have been an easy angst story, but not good enough for Aden.

Ms Singh is the queen of the quotes – they make you smile, grab your heart and always add to the characters.  My kindle is full of highlighted text.  Kaleb and Sahara discussing Nikita and Anthony – absolutely perfect!

As its Nalini Singh the fantastic story adding layers to her already rich world is a given.  What’s challenging now is not to work out who the next book will focus on, but who’s behind the political shenanigans.  Its only as you start to ponder who the architect of the drama is, that you appreciate how rich the psy changeling world is -there are so many candidates.  And all of them valid.

Congratulations Nalini what an extraordinary achievement this series continues to be.