The end rocks


The Kind Worth Killing Peter Swanson

All this book needs is a sun lounger and a pool.  Or perhaps a rainy day, a blanket and a roaring fire. It’s a cracking story with fantastic characterisation.

Lily and Ted meet randomly, a few too many drinks later and a plan is hatched.  A risky and rather drastic plan.  But it’s other people’s plans and actions that set the pace.

For me the starting point was Lily and her motivations.  Can we trust Lily’s voice in describing her childhood?  She paints an isolated friendless childhood as the driver for the path she takes. Really?  Well, there was at least one reference to a friend and we later learn she and her father had a childhood correspondence. If her description isn’t accurate why or how did she end up like she did?

If, she started off acting in self preservation (and did she?), why and when did she make the leap?  What took over the edge?  And how random was her interaction with Ted?

Should I admit that I felt some sympathy for Lily? I’m not even sure why. I don’t believe the author wanted me to. I’d go so far as to say that he worked hard to create a very strong cast of quite unattractive characters.  I wanted to like Ted but just when he tugged on the heart strings his prom date fiasco turned me right off!

Given, it’s a male author, I found the role and portrayal of men interesting. They were significantly weaker and easily manipulated by the women. Even the bit part men like the two fathers were weak.  As for the detective, he needed his female partner to rescue him!  This was in stark contrast to the role and portrayal of women, even the mothers were strong and determined. But of course it was the women who were deceitful, cunning and manipulative.  Truly unattractive?

As always the sign of a great read is still thinking about it a few weeks later. And there are some things still occupying my brain.

The title for one.  We understand Lily’s ‘kind’ worth killing. But could I define my kind who deserves to be killed? And is that even what the title means? Is Ted a kind worth killing?

Where were Lily and Ted headed?  And did I want them to go there?

Was Ted and Meredith’s new house a metaphor for something and if so please let me know!

As for the ending, wow I loved it! I don’t want to ruin it. So, all I’ll say is that it took the book from a 3.5 stars to a 4.5 stars.