Gentle but powerful

The Faerie Tree  Jane Cable

This is a gentle book, dealing with strong powerful themes.  I loved it.

Its about memory, loss, grief, depression, illness, thwarted dreams and losing yourself.  Ugh! It sounds morbid, but it’s not.  Equally, I don’t want to trivialise it by describing it as uplifting or magical (which it is).

For me it was overwhelmingly a story of losing your way, finding yourself and learning to trust that second chances can and do exist.  But how do you trust yourself to take them? If you can’t trust your own memories what or who can you trust?

In so many books about relationships the power play between the parties is the core element, almost whacking you in the face. Yet here, the author explores the concept in far more subtle ways, looking at how such power plays maybe unconscious.  It’s clever and intriguing.

Clearly, when she wrote this book Ms Cable had no way of knowing that thanks to a downed airliner depression and mental health would be so topical.  Those impacted by mental illness are more likely to identify with Robin and Izzy than a German co-pilot bent on destruction.  I can’t imagine how difficult much of the media coverage has been for those dealing with depression.  For that reason alone I’d recommend this book.

I’d also recommend it because I do believe in the healing power of nature and that love is its own force of nature first, second or even third time round. And you’re never too old to believe in fairies – however it’s spelt!