Stealing the Show

Archangel’s Enigma Nalini Singh

So, we finally know what Naasir is!   I’ll keep the secret a bit longer…

But it was certainly worth waiting for.  As usual with Nalini she has tee’d up the couple perfectly.  Andi is just what Naasir wants and needs.  The dialogue is another absolute winner.  With Naasir’s childlike nature and Andi’s naivety Archangel’s Enigma is funnier and more heart warming.  Nalini doesn’t write dialogue she simply and brilliantly records what is said to her.  Never more so than when Naasir is given his task by Raphael.

He kicks it off brilliantly with the complaint: “I can’t be dragging around a historian.  They break.”  Its especially inconvenient whilst he searches for his mate and his response to Andromeda’s vow is a classic!  But my favourites were about his diet from different restaurants to telling Andi he’d eat a person if he hated them and was “really hungry”.  It makes a change from most man whores who like variety in their bed partners – Naasir is all about his diet!  And yet, her responses to being food were so matter of fact I just laughed.

Apologies to Naasir even with the prospect of him eating someone, he was outshone.  Illium and Aodhan stole the show.

This bromance between two very different characters who have been life long friends simply killed it.  There’s a scene where Illium is injured and Aodhan who can’t bare to be touched, grasps Elena’s hand – it stole my breath and my heart.

And visually – these two are dynamite!  Bluebell with his gorgeous distinctive blue wings coveted by everyone but especially Lijuan and Aodhan with wings that seem to be of fractured glass and ice.  Can you imagine getting out of a yellow cab in NYC and looking up?  When you picture something like that you know that Nalini’s not a writer but an artist.  Phenomenal.

As you’d expect the social media chat is all around are they the next guildhunter couple.  I guess they could be.  And wherever Nalini takes her characters I will simply follow, I’m fine with it.  But I think their story is one of relationships and connections.  Until Elena had Raphael her closest relationship was Sara.  She understands friendship and Raphael who has spent almost his entire life without Caliane does too.  To me, it’s not just about fixing Aodhan’s issues but confirming for Ellie that its the family you choose that sustains you – true for all of us but especially true for an immortal with mortal friends and family.




A cover for strangeness?

Popsugar’s challenge set one that I just didn’t get “a book based entirely on its cover”.  How on earth can a book be based on its cover?

Then I found the Miniaturist and ticked off that particular reading challenge.  Great cover, really reflecting the story and I thought no more of it.

Until this morning when I woke up to Nalini Singh’s new cover for Archangel’s Enigma.

OMG!  Finally I get the relationship between what’s inside the cover and the cover itself.  With archangels, regular angels, vampires, guild hunters and regular humans Naasir stands apart as “strange”, yet one of the Seven.  Naasir wants a playmate, that much we know (and love).

How does an artist capture all on a book cover?  Seriously impressed.

She might always deliver but Ms Singh never does quite what fans expect/want.  My own views seemed to be in tune with other fans – it was Illium’s turn.  Although I will admit to falling a smidgen for Naasir in Archangel’s Legion, it was Illium I needed (and wanted but that’s another story – in more ways that one!).

Well, move over Illium – you’ve been usurped big time!  And boy am on board!  Bring it on!

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