More than a bad boy

Out of the Game Kate Willoughby (In the Zone #3)

I’m so glad I’ve found author Kate Willoughby.  I seem to like her hockey heroes, I wasn’t sure I’d find another to rival Tim Hollander, but Alex Sullivan did just that.  On the surface this should have been a pretty easy and predictable read.  Bad boy, man whore and all that, falls for the “good girl”.  Of course, bad boy had a tough childhood which kind of excuses his behaviour but said good girl turns him around.

Read that, a lot and happy to read it again and again.

So, I wasn’t expecting the emotional depth and roller coaster ride of this book.  In fact, at times I was a bit shocked at how much I felt for Alex.  Yes, he was immature and irresponsible, and if I was Clare I would have insisted on a far better apology before I would have forgiven him.  However, even though his story might be considered a cliché there was something both endearing and raw about Alex.  I found his personal ending quite sad and a bit unexpected.

Clare was another good heroine from Kate Willoughby.  I like her everyday approach to her female characters – girls you can relate to.