“Who the hell is Talyn Batur?”

Born of Defiance (League Series #8)  Sherrilyn Kenyon

‘Who the hell is Talyn Batur?’

This review on goodreads amused me and summed up Ms Kenyon’s challenges.

With as many fans as she has they have strong opinions on what you do, especially which character’s turn for a book it is!  Imagine book 8 and its a brand new character and even worse the time line isn’t linear in fact she’s gone backwards to before the beginning.  Wow!  Clever or what?!

So, without too much of a spoiler I can tell you that Talyn Batur is connected to several of the Andarion characters.  I’m guessing he’s going to become important – but then again I may well be wrong.

I was a little nervous about this latest instalment of the League series.  I first found Sherrilyn’s work with the Dark Hunter series, which was one of my faves.  Its lost its way a bit (no a lot), I didn’t even bother with the last book.  I say all this to show how tough it is to keep a series going especially one that’s quite intricate (which SK specialises in).

By this innovative (genius?) approach SK gave real fans a different look at loved characters and a well known piece of League history and kept those who love the formula happy but with a fresh twist to it.  As it starts before the series its totally stand alone so there’s every chance she’s going to find new fans.  Pretty good hey?!

As for the story, its fast paced has a bit of everything with likeable and well founded characters.  Whilst you know you’re headed towards an HEA, its not that obvious how you’ll get there and its not quite the HEA you might expect.  I loved it.

I wanted to give it 5 stars, but if you know the League series you’ll know that the ongoing story is dominated by politics.  Seriously, I am not a politics aficionado.  If you’re going to have the most intricate politics dominated by family loyalties and a range of personalities please, please can we have a chart or at least a glossary?  I so needed it.