In, out and relax


Blood Dark Lindsay J. Pryor (out September 23rd)

There are some books that are tagged as can’t put it down (CPID).  This isn’t one of them.  For me this is a book that I had to put down, simply to breathe.  “In, out and relax” became my mantra in parts.

As a master vampire Kane’s heart barely beats, yet at times in this amazingly crafted story he could hear his heart pounding.  Well, can you imagine mine?  Regular human that I am?  Seriously, Lindsay Pryor’s fifth instalment had my heart pounding so loud I could barely concentrate.

Carsten Holler’s Southbank exhibition Decision ended on Sunday, I wonder if Lindsay went?  The entrance to the exhibition was via tunnels completely devoid of light.  Lindsay’s description of the tunnel journey Kane takes Caitlin on was all encompassing. I found my t-shirt fisted tightly in my hand and I slowly had to unclench my fingers.  At other moments (especially in the derelict school) I was shouting in my head so loudly “No Caitlin No!” I’m concerned I disturbed the neighbours.

So, I liked it – a lot.

Lindsay Pryor has crafted a world that’s intricate, gritty and genuinely fascinating.  And the really scary thing is that when Vampires (or others) do eventually show themselves (!) this is what it will be like.  This is human (and other species) nature and power politics laid bare.  Its a fight for what you can get, alliances that might be true or not and secrets galore.  Thrilling stuff!

Yes, Kane and Caitlin’s romance is centre stage (and on the line) but its not a traditional romance.  Machiavelli would be so proud of Ms Pryor and her deceitful, cunning and exploitative nature.  Although on social media she comes across as a sweetie – all part of the act I wonder?!

Book five is darker and harsher than I expected and all the better for it.  Lindsay Pryor’s ability to stay true to her finely crafted story is enviable and her characters are rich and demanding (especially that Kane!).  I’d say its fabulous.  In fact its beyond fabulous – its fabulous on steroids!  And I’m a goner!

Thank you to netgalley for an ARC in return for an honest review.