Calling all cat girls

Taming the Billionaire Jessica Clare

If I have to choose an animal its always going to be a cat, so Jessica Clare’s new heroine had me at “come here kitty..” A feline behaviorist  – love it!

Jessica Clare is queen of the billionaire romance, she sets a standard that few even aspire to.

For me, this probably didn’t hit quite the heights of her other books.  Its about the hero for me.  I needed to know him more, I needed to have that absolute moment when he fell for Edie.  Perhaps my challenge was that he was just a tad more crude than I expected and a lot less geeky than felt right to me.  Oh and his brother was a douche! (then so was her sister!)

However, I got Edie’s moment when she knew that pushing him had worked.  Of course, she was surrounded by cats.  Perfect!

If you love the alpha rich man, the heroine who finds her balls and animals this is a winner.  And even better Gretchen and Hunter appear.  I love that girl, she’s so damn honest!  Bring on her wedding!

Definitely recommend this 4 solid stars.