I found the tidy ninja….

Chore attack Appsforgood – Katie, Meghan & Caitlyn Wick High School Scotland

Well, I’ve been on the look out for a ninja to help with the house for quite a few years now. With zero luck.

Now, thanks to Chore Attack one of this year’s winning Appsforgood apps I’m making progress.  Like all good things the premise is simple. You record chores to be done and your motivated and enthusiastic little people rush to do them.

Sounds too too good to be true? Well, so far it’s working. And I can see why – the leaderboard keeps the competition going especially if you give the very willing dad chores to do! The idea of photos for the rewards is great and will help the non reading kids.

Its incredible that three school girls created this! Well done!  If you don’t know Appsforgood – its time you did – have a look.