Seattle – what is in the water?!

City in Embers Stacey Marie Brown

What is it with Seattle?  I’ve never figured out the whole Bill Gates thing going on there and then there’s Christian Grey.  Personally, other than knowing there’s quite a few tech billionaires and some helipads for Mr Grey I have no working knowledge of Seattle.

Which is a bit of a shame as its the setting for Stacey Marie Brown’s new book (kick-starting a new series).  The city and its atmosphere are like another character – I just love cities and books like that!

Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of TV and film some cities you know even if you’ve never been there – LA, New York, London, Paris etc.  But Seattle – nope, I’ve got nothin’.  I don’t even know if there’s some kind of famous building – google tells me its on the coast!  (yay for that!)  I mention this as I’m sure a better knowledge of Seattle and I would have loved this more.

Geography lesson aside, the world created by Ms Brown is first-class as is the storyline.  Its intricate, rich, believable and exciting.  All that bodes well for the future of the series.  Human vs Fae – what a change from those vampires.

My bug bear was the slow and bit tedious nature of the opening chapters – urgh what a drag.  I get you need to share the back story and set the scene, but it totally lacked pace.

Once it got going – there’s a key point with her partner that kicks it into gear – I was well invested.  As for Zoey and Ryker – they sizzled and sparked and the promise of more is definitely there.  As for Amara – what’s the point of her?

Anyway, I’m off to Seattle zoo to grab me a monkey.  Or maybe I’ll wait til Valentine’s Day see 50 Shades and make do with a stuffed dog?!

Netgalley and Mark my words publicity gave me an ARC for an honest review – publication date is 4th Feb 2015.  thankyou