Shopping up a storm

Valentine by Heather Grothaus (out on June 23rd)

The concept of my other half taking me shopping or indeed knowing how to shop intrigues or even astounds me.  If only he’d buy me boots and dresses that fit perfectly, or even fix a picnic, and least of all deal with merchants!  It seems that he’s very much a man of his own time, yet a few centuries back he’d have relished the male role of shopping.  Ladies – what on earth happened?

You may wonder, why I lament a modern man’s ability to shop?

I blame Valentine!  Heather Grothaus’ new hero shops up a storm!  He can also ride, sail a raft, secure lodgings, mix poisons, speak a myriad of languages and sketch beautifully.  The man is everything a hero should be and then some.  I’ve yet to mention his charm and cheeky smile.  Any man who can shop like he can is a talented man; this is one multi talented gent.  And then there are pirates…. (seriously! Johnny Depp you are not needed!)

If this is historical romance, then Ms Grothaus is rewriting the definition.  Its an adventure story, with huge dollops of history and culture and a side order of romance and redemption!  And I loved it.

The writing is fast paced with a mixture of intriguing characters and real historical scenes.  Whilst, you know the next adventure is coming you’ve no idea what it will be and how they’ll get out of it (if indeed they will).  Travelling pre-passports never seemed so good!

Valenteen – take me shopping and I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth!  And I promise no seasickness!

Thanks to netgalley for an ARC in return for an honest review. Valentine is published on the 23rd of June – book 1 in the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels.