What’s for dinner Pia?


Dragos goes to Washington by Thea Harrison

You gotta love Dragos, who else taunts potential dinner guests with putting them on the menu?  And leaves them wondering if he would  (he wouldn’t? would he?!).  Not only that he survives a maelstrom in Washington and doesn’t kill a soul!  This time it’s Pia who has blood on her hands.

If that doesn’t make sense to you – then this latest novella in the Elder Races series isn’t for you.  The author has written this one for fans of Dragos and Pia.

There’s plenty of sex (maybe plenty is a bit mean – there’s loads!), intrigue, politics, and a bit of a drama.  Dragos is the rock star in this series and this is just a gentle reminder, in case you needed it!

There’s also a very cute line up for the next novella which has to be Pia’s trip to Hollywood.  Longer term there is another development that fans will also welcome.

All up just want fans want.  As a fan I really needed this as I felt that Midnight’s Kiss just didn’t do it for me.

thank you to netgalley for an ARC in return for an honest review