Well Jell!


Everealm by JD Wright

I love it when a book plays with my senses.  Well, I think I do. Maybe I’m re-thinking that.

The problem is this book didn’t play with my senses. Nope not at all.  Everealm took my senses and dangled them out the castle window.

The banquets… I don’t eat red meat but I was hungry for venison. And the scene when Bre and co chose the dresses for the winter ball? Even Kim Kardashian would have been jealous, I was beyond green.  Is there even colour beyond green?

Oh, and then she walked into the ball and Rowan was kitted out to meet her.  I want her stylist if not her whole style. Not that I can nip out for milk dressed as a Queen, but a girl can dream right?!

If you’ve not yet twigged Everealm is dominated by such superb world building that this first book sets a new standard in historical fantasy. Rich, lush and so detailed that at times I could smell the candles burning. Gorgeous.

As for the story, the author certainly didn’t disappoint. Bre’s story flows easily, with so many different characters there are story lines galore!

The only thing I struggled with is it wasn’t really YA yet it was a little tame. But that may well enhance it’s appeal.  I’m just off to finish Wildfire (book two).

Thank you netgalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review