Gotta have Faith

Visions of Heat (#2 Psy-Changeling series) Nalini Singh  (spoilers below – watch out!)

This was another re-read for me.  I’m shocked at how much I’m getting out of a book the second time round, especially as I know what happens in the next eleven books!  This is an absolute credit to Nalini Singh’s skill and imagination.

It’s easy to talk about the amazing world she’s created, but its so much more than that.  Its an intricate story arc, with each book carefully developing the story.  Ms Singh doesn’t waste a phrase, its all beautifully crafted to give you the insights you need as the story goes forward.  Clearly, her imagination runs riot (thank god!) but its her story telling skill and the link from one episode to the next that keeps you hooked.  She’s a master craftswoman.  Be very envious!

I’m quite surprised I didn’t realise that Faith’s father Anthony was leading a fifth column inside the PsyNet.  Although, I’d not twigged at the time (or perhaps forgotten since reading) his response to Faith’s defection and his subsequent conversation with his daughter and Vaughn made it quite clear.

He knows where he needs to be and what he’s doing – I wonder why he never told Faith?  Perhaps he really did see her as the perfect Psy as he intimated. (or should I re-read that bit?!)

However, now in hindsight the clue was in Faith’s name.  It’s an interesting choice for a member of the Psy race that eschews all emotion and lives by science and data, seeming only to value business growth.  Unlike the other two virtues – Charity and Hope – Faith is all about believing in something that you cannot know or prove and probably never will.  It’s an unknown concept to the Psy, yet it was Anthony’s choice for his elder daughter.

As for her clan name – NightStar – it seems perfect for Anthony and Faith, reminding us of how the night star can guide the lost home.  And when seen its a point of fixed point of clarity – something (or someone) to follow.

From now on, I’ll be scrutinising those book names.

With book 14 Shards of Hope due out in the UK on the 4th June I think I’ll abandon my re-reading until after I’ve read that instalment.