More than a bad boy

Out of the Game Kate Willoughby (In the Zone #3)

I’m so glad I’ve found author Kate Willoughby.  I seem to like her hockey heroes, I wasn’t sure I’d find another to rival Tim Hollander, but Alex Sullivan did just that.  On the surface this should have been a pretty easy and predictable read.  Bad boy, man whore and all that, falls for the “good girl”.  Of course, bad boy had a tough childhood which kind of excuses his behaviour but said good girl turns him around.

Read that, a lot and happy to read it again and again.

So, I wasn’t expecting the emotional depth and roller coaster ride of this book.  In fact, at times I was a bit shocked at how much I felt for Alex.  Yes, he was immature and irresponsible, and if I was Clare I would have insisted on a far better apology before I would have forgiven him.  However, even though his story might be considered a cliché there was something both endearing and raw about Alex.  I found his personal ending quite sad and a bit unexpected.

Clare was another good heroine from Kate Willoughby.  I like her everyday approach to her female characters – girls you can relate to.


Skip the epilogue

Garrett #2 Cold Fury Sawyer Bennett

Sometimes you just need an easy ronseal romance.  You want a book that just does what you expect (like ronseal!).

Well, I got that and a whole load more with this one.  Sports star finds girl and gets his HEA books are a dime a dozen, but this was actually pretty brilliant.  In fact, I loved it.

Garrett was great, unlike every other manwhore I’ve ever met he wasn’t hiding behind some great tragic childhood.  In fact, he was a pretty stable and happy chap and a fantastic ice hockey player too.  Nope, he just liked sex and he didn’t have a reason to say no.  His and Olivia’s romance was totally believable, it was simple – he changed because he wanted to change.  There was no endless angst waiting to be sorted.  And thank god for that.

Olivia was very likeable, as I’m trying to avoid spoiling the secret in the book’s blurb its hard to say more.  But her story is more than your usual romantic heroine.

Sawyer Bennett writes a cracking story, and creates romance that was simply more.  I can’t stop thinking about it – especially the ending.  And that sadly let it down.  Why oh why did we need that ridiculous epilogue?

We got a real ending that suited both of them and the story and it shone with integrity.  It warmed my heart and made me smile.  Sadly, the epilogue just ruined it.  What on earth is a writer the calibre of Sawyer Bennett writing such silly fluff for?

So my advice is download it (the first book Alex is pretty okay too!) but don’t read the damn epilogue and you’ll enjoy it a whole load more.