My Fab Reads – August

For the past few months I have really struggled to keep up my blog. I think I just lost my mojo trying to keep up with reading and then blogging. Whilst I love reflecting on my thoughts on each book, at the moment it’s just too hard and it’s been months since I published any reviews, so I’m trying a new approach.

This is what I have loved in August.

The Ravenhood Duet (Flock and Exodus) by Kate Stewart

You will suffer big time with this one. I had the worst book hangover I’ve ever had. It will kill you.

I won’t tell you another thing about it, the less you know the more you will love it.

The Girl in the Love Song by Emma Scott (Lost Boys #1)

What an unexpected treat. Yep it’s a rockstar romance but not the story I expected. At every stage as it challenged what I thought would happen next I fell a little bit more in love. It’s complicated and with a good bit of angst but overall it’s got the feels and it’s so uplifting. I felt wonderful when I finished it.

Oh and what a gorgeous cover!

The Silent Treatment by Abbie Greaves

A debut?! That’s actually quite extraordinary.

This is the retelling of a 40 year relationship, it’s sweet and tragic. It’s beautifully set and written. The pacing is just perfect, it will have you engrossed but comfortable to put down and come back to it. I loved both characters, it’s told in such a gentle familiar way that I felt I knew them.

Hands Down by Mariana Zapata

I read a bunch of sports romance this month it is my fave after all but this was the best. MZ is the Queen of slow burn and unveiling real romance to the reader. No one manages the build up quite like her. She’s in her element with this one, if you’ve read MZ’s Winnipeg, you have a few treats in store!

A Secret Surrender by Darcy Burke (The Pretenders #1)

Ms Burke always delivers, of late her books have had a greater depth to them. They actually have a little sprinkle of contemporary themes. And thank God for that. I’ve realised that I’ve moved away from historical romance in the last year or so, as I’ve not found enough originality, too much gender stereotyping and/or complete historical inaccuracies. None of that here. This story is so original with outstanding use of research.

The power of a lie

The Guy on the Left (Underdogs #2) by Kate Stewart

So, Ms Stewart went there, she really did…. I won’t ruin it by saying more, but she really did and it’s amazing.

It’s the story of a lie. A simple but damaging lie, that means Clarissa feels entitled to hold onto her anger. Troy works hard to be forgiven, for her to see him as the man she needs but she clings onto Troy the teenager.

It’s the perfect amount of angst, heartbreak and redemption. It completely consumed me, I didn’t know who I was cheering the most for. I loved how Ms Stewart had me warring with myself over which character was ‘right’ at every stage.

But ultimately I loved Troy. I loved how he grew into a man and how he fought with everything he had for a future with Clarissa. No matter what that’s love. And who doesn’t want that? We all crave it. Troy made me fall in love with love all over again. He was also super super sexy, so get those ovaries ready to do some overtime!

It is an emotional read but there are many light moments. Dante and Parker made me laugh, Parker really was fierce and such a game player!

Next up in this fantastic series is The Guy in the Middle, I cannot wait!

Batmen, heroes and the underdog

The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart

Oh my…

We shouldn’t fit, but we do, and our fit is nothing short of spectacular. There’s no wool in the world thick enough to make me blind to that.

Yep, spectacular. Written with real class and a decent dose of realness.

Ms Stewart serves up a double masterclass. She completely nails the slow burn. And if you love a friends to lovers story, this is so far above the rest that you’ll immediately reread!

It is a true slow burn, I started to wonder if anything was going to happen and then I found I couldn’t put it down. Theo and Laney surprised and totally delighted me.

What a complete read. It was warm, charming, sweet and harsh all at once. Theo/Teddy will resonate a little everyone, even though you know he got it wrong, you can’t help but be sympathetic. Team Theo t-shirts on order!

And Laney killed it. I adored the way she went after her realest life – she really is a role model. Superb.

“I’m done with batman”

Lainey’s description of her Batman superhero boyfriends cracked me up! It was genius. If you or your bestie has a problem with commitment phobes you gotta read the Batman reference at least. You will see the light! Classic!

I guess the truth is we all want the underdog to win, but we don’t really expect it. We also define what a hero is like based on some pretty narrow parameters. Theo seems to be the underdog, not the obvious choice for a romantic hero. But in reality, he’s clearly the hero, it’s just he and we don’t quite realise it, not at first anyway. Thank goodness for Laney.

Ms Stewart is a wonderful writer and she’s on top form here. Totally recommend this one.