A fresh vamp

The Last True Vampire Kate Baxter

Wow!  I was not expecting this to be really good, and yet it was!  Vampire books are a dime a dozen since Twilight – if you’re PNR fan its hard to find something good whilst you wait for the next book in your fave series.

Kate Baxter demonstrates considerable world building skill – its innovative and fresh.  She’s created something that is rich with many different tendrils snaking through the story.  Who or what is Vanessa?  What’s Tristan’s ultimate game plan?  What will Michael (and Ronan) do with Siobhan?  And why is Siobhan interested in Gregor?

Like all new series, she has faced the struggle between detailing the world she is creating for a series with keeping interest in the current book.  Its a tough challenge – Nalini Singh, Larissa Ione and JR Ward are masters (or perhaps mistresses!) at creating multi-layered complicated worlds yet telling a simple story between the two key protagonists.  Ms Baxter doesn’t quite reach those heights, but she gives it a pretty damn good go.

The politics in this book were very promising, perhaps not done with quite the intricacies of a Lindsay Pryor but definitely something tantalising is there.  She’s absolutely whet my appetite for the next book.

My main issue was Michael/Mikhail – I really like a hero who is my latest crush or book boyfriend.  I want to fall in love with him.  Luckily for him Clare is tethered to him, because he ain’t that loveable.  Generally, he’s a bit of a bore.  For a king he’s lacking charisma, charm, leadership and vision, but he knows how to fight.  In this way the dialogue between Michael and Clare (and everyone else!) let his character down.

Ronan definitely showed a bit more potential – he could be quite interesting!

Thank you to netgalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review