Not sure about quiche but real men eat nuts

All Souls Trilogy – Deborah Harkness

The whole point of vampire novels, films, TV shows etc is to show how much more desirable they are than us average folk.  Whether it’s Nalini Singh’s Dimitri or Twilight’s Edward or JR Ward’s many many gorgeous vampires they are all seriously yummy.

And then there is Matthew…

Where to begin?  Forget Downton Abbey this man worked for Elizabeth I, heard Shakespeare by the man himself and called Kit Marlowe a friend.  That’s proper history.  Naturally he’s smart being a fellow at Oxford and a scientist to boot.  And I mustn’t forget the yoga – how many men do yoga? Smart, sexy, serious pillow talk and of course super flexible!  Swoon.

But its his interest in the kitchen (rather than other rooms) that really endear him to me.  His staple cuisine seems to be raw food primarily nuts – so he wouldn’t notice my ineptitude with a frying pan. Not forgetting his love of wine – good expensive wine!  Oooh! He just gets better and better.

As you’d expect from an immortal vampire he’s impossibly rich and good looking – just a couple of added extras that give that extra shine.

As for the books – well Ms Harkness clearly knows how to create a vampire but what about the rest?  Its a fabulous story, rich in detail, history and characterisation.  Her heroine is someone you can really relate to – she’s smart, flawed, sexy, emotional, brave, loving, passionate and no doubt gorgeous.  Its okay she’s a fictional book character I have no desire to claw her eyes out.  Well not today anyway!

So, I now go in search of another vampire to compare.  Come to think of it Edward is a little too pale, perhaps he’s not quite so yummy after all.  The field narrows.

I’m a winner!

Author Eleanor Prescott chose my response as the winner of her online competition asking “who’s your favourite romantic hero?”

Its kind of an easy one for me – Matthew in the All Souls trilogy.  Here’s what I told Eleanor:
1. he’s not just smart but super super smart – and I love intelligent men.
2. he knew Shakespeare & Queen Elizabeth just as starters – can you imagine the pillow talk?
3. he just likes to eat nuts and raw meat – as I can’t cook, seriously perfect!
4. he was madly in love with his first wife – you gotta love a man that knows how to love
5. he loves his mother but he doesn’t let her run the show
6. he’s super protective.
7. he has lovely manners.
8. he drinks expensive wine and lots of it (again perfect for me)
9. he builds buildings and I love architecture and old buildings (did I mention perfect?)
10. he does yoga (seriously perfect!)
And best of all he’s a gorgeous vampire and I love a vampire!

I now have two of Eleanor’s fab books – Alice Brown’s Lessons in the Curious Art of Dating and Could it be I’m Falling in Love?  And paperbacks – haven’t read a “proper” book in ages!