The power of a lie

The Guy on the Left (Underdogs #2) by Kate Stewart

So, Ms Stewart went there, she really did…. I won’t ruin it by saying more, but she really did and it’s amazing.

It’s the story of a lie. A simple but damaging lie, that means Clarissa feels entitled to hold onto her anger. Troy works hard to be forgiven, for her to see him as the man she needs but she clings onto Troy the teenager.

It’s the perfect amount of angst, heartbreak and redemption. It completely consumed me, I didn’t know who I was cheering the most for. I loved how Ms Stewart had me warring with myself over which character was ‘right’ at every stage.

But ultimately I loved Troy. I loved how he grew into a man and how he fought with everything he had for a future with Clarissa. No matter what that’s love. And who doesn’t want that? We all crave it. Troy made me fall in love with love all over again. He was also super super sexy, so get those ovaries ready to do some overtime!

It is an emotional read but there are many light moments. Dante and Parker made me laugh, Parker really was fierce and such a game player!

Next up in this fantastic series is The Guy in the Middle, I cannot wait!

Dripping Luxury


The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

Oh wow I wasn’t expecting that!

I downloaded this wondering if it would be any good as I didn’t know the author and hadn’t heard of the book, I took a chance because it was on the best Goodread books of the year.  Well, it’s a terrific read, one of my 2016 favourites.

Sometimes it’s all about the slow burn, in this case a very slow burn.  A dripping tap almost. It might have taken me a while to fall for Aiden Graves but I fell in love with this book by page two.

It’s so gorgeously written that the slow unwrapping of the story is like waiting for the best present ever. How the author holds back on the pace I will never know, but surprisingly you don’t want her to go any faster. And I normally like a heathy dose of pace with my stories. Not this time.

There’s something about the way Ms Zapata describes the growing physical closeness between Aiden and Vanessa. It’s not about sex because they aren’t getting down to it, but it’s so damn sensual and romantic.  She sits on his knee in front of his friends and slowly gets so comfy that she falls asleep in his lap.  I wasn’t reading what happened I was there watching it.  It was so eloquently written that I wanted to frame the words – still might!  Or at least fall asleep in Aiden’s lap.

The writing was romance at it’s best.  It was like fabulous coffee, expensive chocolate, gorgeous silk and aromatic cognac it glided through my senses. Luxurious!

There’s plenty of friends to lovers books or the instant attraction or second chance romance. This is just so different, especially for a sports romance. Bravo Ms Zapata!  I certainly know who you are now!