Queue for niceness

Superfan by Sarina Bowen (Brooklyn Bruisers #3)

Superfan. Yep, that sums this one up, and I certainly am! Loved it.

Silas and Delilah were yummy. I was not expecting such a sweet romance. Ms Bowen delivers a swoon worthy hero with bucket loads of adorable thrown in!

Silas breaks the sports hero mould, he is the poster boy for a nice guy. It was so refreshing to see that nice guys don’t have to finish last. And on top of it, he’s damn hot! Phew! What girl doesn’t want to be the focus of all that hotness? Join the queue ladies!

If that’s not enough with Delilah we get more than a healthy dose of rockstar! Rockstar meets sports star equals fan yourself!

The bonus of all this niceness was the team dynamics. No matter how you looked at it Silas was just wonderful! The cuteness of their reconnection and the interaction with his friends, gave me the feels plus a bit of heart pounding (not mentioning the lady bits on here!).

Having read it not knowing it was part of Ms Bowen’s Brooklyn series, I can most definitely say that it’s stand alone. But then I’ve now read the other two in the series, and either way it’s a treat!

PS Having been off colour for a while, I’m now updating my blog with some of my fave summer reads. Hence, there’s going to be a few blog posts all at once. Please bear with me!

Something for the pool

Deep by Kylie Scott

Eeek!  A page and a bit in I knew this book wasn’t for me.  Clearly, I need to read the blurb better.  A YA novel about a knocked up fan following a one-night stand in Vegas? And to top it all its book four in a series!  Urgh!

Seriously, what was I thinking requesting this from netgalley….

They say don’t judge a book by its cover.  We all know its true right?  Well, today I learnt don’t judge what you like by what you know – or something like that.

This book was a little gem. Thanks to my kindle I can tell you I was hooked 3% in.

Lizzy the main character was so likeable, sweet but fierce but best of all open and honest.  She had no issue with the fact that she was crazy about Ben.  She revelled in the feeling both to herself and honestly to him.  He was your pretty archetype pain in the rear rock star – but that’s the point of the book (and the whole series I suspect).

Often when an author wants to mix it up a bit they start the story at the end rather than the beginning.  I ended up loving that Ms Scott started in the middle.   In that way the HEA ending was clearer but working out how they got to the middle and how the characters resolved it was good fun.  The cast of characters who I now know made up the other books were lively and likeable – especially Jimmy & Mal.

I so love the way the boys resolved their issues – totally inappropriate but so right for them.

This is a lovely feelgood story and an easy read.  Perfect for by the pool or a rainy coffee morning.  Only one issue I’m now going to have to download the rest of this series – roll on summer, I fancy three fun rockstar romances by the pool!

Thanks to netgalley for a free copy in return for an honest review.