Love is the best

The Best Thing by Mariana Zapata

Ms. Zapata is queen of the slow slow burn romance. Whilst, I usually yearn for pace in a book I adore her writing style. Its easy to invest time with her characters and their stories, in part because her writing makes me feel safe and kind of exposed at the same time.

As I’ve come to expect Ms Zapata nails the characterisation brilliantly. The cast of extra characters is fantastic. The wider cast are important because whilst this is most definitely a romance, it’s also a book about family love and how we define families. The love that surrounded Lenny was beautiful, it really crystallised the task Jonah had to win her over.

“I still don’t know about that Edward”

Grandpa Gus and his vampire references stole the show! What a character! And his comments in the epilogue are a killer (Kleenex needed). Look out for rugby player Jonah explaining the finer points of the game to Americans!

I’m not going to comment on Jonah and Lenny, who are a fab couple, simply because you need to go into this book cold. There are too many spoilers about! But I will say Ms Zapata delivers so much more than just a romance. She gives us real love, the horrendous pain and the self sacrificing nature of love. It’s so powerful.

PS I’ve been off colour for some time so I’m slowly catching up with blogs on my favourite summer reading. Please bear with me.

Becks is no T-Rex

Rock Hard Nalini Singh (#2 Rock Kiss)

Having read the first book in the series I was keen but not desperate to read the next book in the series.  I hadn’t really “got” Molly and Fox.  But Nalini Singh had been posting some updates on this story for the past month which whetted my appetite a bit.

“Any problems with my goals?”

The hero is a former international rugby player, and a Kiwi national icon.  So, it’s tries not goals he scores.  At this point I must say hats off to Ms Singh.  Being a New York Times best-seller, she’s writing for a global audience.  Rugby is far from an international sport, so its a brave move to write about it.  Not only that but to base it somewhere rugby isn’t just a sport but a religion, she captures this perfectly.  The date at the rugby and the bbq in the park fizzle with authenticity.

I hope her legion of global fans, appreciate the difference in football codes.  After all, rugby heroes are physically different from your soccer global stars, they personify menace, grit and determination all at once.  David Beckham is no match for T-Rex.

Becks might not be a match for him, but Charlie mouse takes him down.  Interestingly she starts off with a stapler along the way roses, bracelets, black lace, muffins and pasta sauce play their part.  T-Rex’s advice that a hole punch was a better option will stay with me!

This is romance that sizzles on the page, its the kind of romance that the term “can’t put it down” was made for!  Nalini Singh is in stunning form with Rock Hard, kicking this series into touch (see what I did there!).

Being part of Charlotte’s metamorphosis, I was rooting for her to bring him down.  But as her story unveiled that wasn’t important I just wanted him to win her.  I could totally relate to the enormous task he faced.  And I loved the way he detailed his plans for her to veto (as if she would!).  Gorgeous just gorgeous!

Both Gabe and Charlie and far more complex and real characters than Molly or Fox, and that made for much better story.

Oh and Nalini if you’re looking for another Kiwi national sport – maybe try cricket with a Chris Gayle look a like?

The book is out on March 10th and I received an ARC in return for an honest review.