Vampires are people too

Serenity Box Series 1-3 books Marissa Farrar

Oooh! She’s good in fact she’s so good, she’s got to be bad.  Marissa Farrar has me hooked on her Serenity series.

I started on this series as I love vampires and romance.  But now I’m hooked I know its not really a paranormal romance series, in fact not at all.

Romance stories are all about the alpha male; finding his true love usually sends him all Tarzan.  He can’t be 100 metres from her and he’s happy to take on any challengers and win.  Yet, despite their connection and his feelings for her Sebastian leaves Serenity, when he comes back his choices don’t end well for her.  They both know he can’t defeat Dimitri, in fact he’s amazingly sanguine about it.

Vampires are usually all conquering all powerful – not so Sebastian and his kind.  They can’t kill each other for starters, and then there’s the absolute inconvenience of the dawn.  To make it even messier he feeds only on humans.  Sebastian might feel badly about it but he still eats and he has no way to tell the good from the bad humans, only those who won’t be missed straight away.  Hardly, the makings of a hero.

Each book isn’t formed around a “happy ever after” ending which defines the romance genre.  Marissa Farrar doesn’t play that game, that’s for sure.  The ending of Buried totally shocked me.  I thought my kindle had lost a chapter.  Unthinkable for a romance book.

In fact in parts Buried (the brilliant dark second book) is quite frightening, and Jackson is replusive.  As for the twist in third book, I didn’t see that one coming!

Sebastian said it best telling Serenity he might be a vampire but he wasn’t a super hero. Vampires have never seemed so human.  Even a witch seems stronger.  That’s the real cleverness – yep its a vampire book, but actually its all human – family, love, guilt, ego, betrayal,  jealousy, choices, weaknesses, anger, longing and so on…

Marissa Farrar’s series defies an easy description, which can’t make it easy to sell but to read – its fantastic.  Having just finished book three, there’s almost a hint of a happy ending – do I take it run?  Hell no – I’ve just downloaded book four – Dominion here I come!