Rock chick not author

Stage Dive Series – Kylie Scott

To see her author pic you’d think Kylie Scott was a bit of a sweetie, definitely maybe a romantic.  But to read her Stage Dive series you know the woman is all rock chick.  And by that I don’t mean groupie.  No, she’s not with the band – she’s the real deal!  Or at the very least she has done her homework!

This is a lady that knows a rock star and delivers.  In all she delivers four rock gods and their ladies.  Each relationship explores a different aspect of love in such an intense public arena.  Ms Scott develops each character beautifully.  I can’t say that Mal and Jimmy warmed my heart in quite the same way as David or Ben, but they were great characters.

Unusually for a rock star romance, I think Jimmy and Mal were deliberately hard to like.  But boy did she nail Jimmy (the character not the man, obviously!) – talented, self centred, addicted, handsome, immature, confident, angry, bitter, scared.  All up a gorgeous problematic man.

As for Mal – if you had a ridiculously cheeky class clown then you’ve got Mal’s starting point.  It was interesting to see how this persona panned out as a grown man who, thanks to his career hasn’t been limited like any of the kids I knew at school.  Nope, for Mal it takes two special ladies to rein him in.

Clearly, David is the favourite – he’s sweet, achy and just yummy!  And its interesting that he’s the one who falls first and who has to convince his lady a bit more.  I really like David and knowing that most people (me included) would choose his brother just made me want to watch out for him a bit more.

I’ve already blogged about Ben, so I won’t repeat myself, but definitely the last story wasn’t the least!

As you’d expect from an Aussie Kylie this series has plenty of glitz and glamour, exquisitely delicious complicated but loveable men and ladies who can kick like a roo when they need, to but have hearts of gold shimmer!